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Individual and group training programs for runners of all abilities.

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Urban Athletics is Hiring!

Weekends a must. Part time and full time opportunities. A great place to work for runners who want to share their experience with customers seeking expert advice. Urban Athletics offers training programs, expert advice and the finest in athletic apparel and footwear. Flexible schedules, store discounts.

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We are New York’s premier Coaching program featuring the most experienced and motivational coaching staff.

We offer many Training Programs for Groups and Individuals at all levels.


This 12-week program is provided twice a week, with an option to join for one or both weekly sessions, and focuses on key factors such as VO2Max and running form. By completing interval workouts, repetition workouts, and tempo runs, you will sharpen your skills and become a faster runner.
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Run Urban’s marathon training program includes the best of both group classes and personal instruction. Partner with a Run Urban certified coach, and get a completely personalized program, created especially for you to gets results.
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RunUrban’s Beginner Running program is designed for new runners. If you’ve been wishing you could run, but are not sure how to start, this program is for you! This 12 – Week program is your first step toward incorporating running into your health and fitness routine.
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RunUrban FOR KIDS!

Run Urban for kids is a fun program where your child will stay fit for ANY sport they participate in during the year. By learning good fundamentals and receiving consistent attention from a certified and experienced coach, the Urban Athletics Kid’s program helps kids of all ages become better runners.
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We welcome new and intermediate runners, or those who have taken some time away from exercise to this very special program. You will participate in weekly group sessions that focus on proper running form and endurance development.
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Runurban’s One-On-One Training Program is in high demand for the all levels of athletes who desire a training session to be fully customized to their goals and needs. Your coach will share their expertise with you in all matters of training from proper form to creating personalized workouts designed to achieve your goals.
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We welcome new and intermediate runners, or those who have taken some time away from exercise to this very special program. You will participate in weekly group sessions that focus on proper running form and endurance development.
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Run Urban’s Ultra Marathoning plan addresses the special concerns of preparing for distances longer than the Marathon. Preparing for a 30, 50 or even a 100 mile run requires specialized knowledge and careful planning.
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It’s rare for anyone to get an hour to work on their nutrition and goals with a trained professional. Most approaches to nutrition dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins. Instead of creating lists of restrictions and good and bad foods, I coach my clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline.
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Custom Team Uniforms/Footwear

URBAN ATHLETICS offers custom uniforms and special order footwear for all athletic teams and special events!

Serving the NYC athletic community for more than 15 years, Urban Athletics has provided outstanding service to teams and groups of all sizes.


Testimonials: We Love our Runners, And They Love Us.

Our experienced Coaching and Counseling staff is completely committed to your success, and will be your partner in achieving your personal goals.

“The Run Urban sessions really help improve my fitness and confidence.  The workout are ones that I would never do well on my own.  That, combined with the encouragement from the great coaches and other participants make this program extraordinary.  It is so rewarding to go home after the workouts knowing I really pushed myself…and then see my running times improve. Thank you Urban Athletics.” – Jennifer
Training with Urban Athletics, both in the Speed & Form workouts during the week, and through customized coaching, has dramatically changed my understanding of what is possible. My race results, and my overall love of running have seen significant improvement just in the 18 months since signing up with Jerry and the UA gang. I look forward to discovering what’s ahead.
When I first starting working with Tony I had plateaued as a runner, my times were not improving and I wanted to get some insight into why this was happening. Tony is incredibly knowledgeable and after just a few sessions, I was running better and becoming more athletic. He has taught me what it takes to be a competitive runner and he has shown me other ways to compete besides just road races, including cross country and indoor track. I can’t recommend him enough for runners of all abilities.
Running with Urban Athletics has opened up a whole new world of running for me. The coaches and services offered through UA have helped me become a better runner and a healthier individual. I have not only made great friends through UA, I’ve made a great family.
10 years ago I started running with UA, with no running or racing experience. Since then I have run my fastest races over past 2 years at about every distance from 800 meters to marathon. I even qualified for the Boston Marathon this year. UA and Jerry Macari have helped me train, reach and exceed every goal I have set.
Jerry, I finished the marathon in 3:40 which is my PR. I’m so glad.Thank you so much!
Though there are many options to how to train, there is no way I would have been able to reach that next level without the support and coaching strategy of UA. I owe many of my PRs, and of course my Boston Marathon Qualifying time, to the coaching staff. Join UA and you’re investing in your success.
“2:57 marathoner,  NYC” – If you want to have fun and improve your running, run with Urban! The marathon training program is the perfect combination of an individualized plan and group running sessions that helped me finsh under my goal time.
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