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The Run Urban sessions really help improve my fitness and confidence. The workout are ones that I would never do well on my own. That, combined with the encouragement from the great coaches and other participants make this program extraordinary. It is so rewarding to go home after the workouts knowing I really pushed myself…and then see my running times improve. Thank you Urban Athletics!! –Jennifer
I enjoy the running program very much. At the end of a workout I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. I’m usually tired, but its a good tired. The coaches are very knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. The workouts are challenging but realistic, very well thought out and have a specific purpose. The other runners in the program are also very supportive. My running has improved a lot since I started the program. This program is very important to me.
I feel stronger and faster than ever before since starting Urban Athletics Speed and Form sessions a little over a year ago. Speed work was always challenging for me but with the guidance of the experienced coaches and the support of my fellow runners out there with me, I get through the workouts and feel the joy of accomplishment. Marathon coaching from Coach Jerry Macari has led me to achieve PRs I didn’t dream possible. He has a talent for conveying expectations – something we should all look for in a coach. Thank you Team UA
Jennifer A.
Training with Urban Athletics, both in the Speed & Form workouts during the week, and through customized coaching, has dramatically changed my understanding of what is possible. My race results, and my overall love of running have seen significant improvement just in the 18 months since signing up with Jerry and the UA gang. I look forward to discovering what’s ahead.
When I first starting working with Tony I had plateaued as a runner, my times were not improving and I wanted to get some insight into why this was happening. Tony is incredibly knowledgeable and after just a few sessions, I was running better and becoming more athletic. He has taught me what it takes to be a competitive runner and he has shown me other ways to compete besides just road races, including cross country and indoor track. I can’t recommend him enough for runners of all abilities.
Running with Urban Athletics has opened up a whole new world of running for me. The coaches and services offered through UA have helped me become a better runner and a healthier individual. I have not only made great friends through UA, I’ve made a great family.
10 years ago I started running with UA, with no running or racing experience. Since then I have run my fastest races over past 2 years at about every distance from 800 meters to marathon. I even qualified for the Boston Marathon this year. UA and Jerry Macari have helped me train, reach and exceed every goal I have set.
I love the class. I always feel like I’ve accomplished something. It’s hard but it feels so good at the end of the class!

Tony Ruiz is an amazing person and coach. Coach Tony is an expert in the sport of running and most importantly knows how to get results from his athletes. He can coach runners of all levels and for all distances. Coach TR understands how to progress and improve runners while keeping them injury free. Both Run Urban and I are lucky to have him!

Though there are many options to how to train, there is no way I would have been able to reach that next level without the support and coaching strategy of UA. I owe many of my PRs, and of course my Boston Marathon Qualifying time, to the coaching staff. Join UA and you’re investing in your success.
A great community of runners, accomplished and supportive. Jerry knows his runners, sees their potential, and knows how to get them to reach their goals.
About 3 years ago I decided to get back to running. I was motivated and didn’t think I need to run with a group. After about a year I decided to join a running group and up my game. I tried hard to fit in this group but it seemed very unstructured. No one really bothered to find out about you and try to help you improve your running. You were basically left on your own. So I quit that group and became a member of Urban Athletics and have not looked back. An amazing and talented group of coaches that really love running and care about their members. I have seen a huge improvement in my running in less than three months and met some amazing people. I love running now more than I ever have in the past and look forward to the group runs.
Ramin Tabib
I want to thank the coaching staff at UA. Jerry for the overall workouts and pre-race prep, Alan (Dude) for outlining the strategy for the 1/4 mile splits and telling me I was peaking, Jim for making me do that last interval each workout and Herbie for sharing his race experiences and wisdom. This is still sinking in for me and you won’t believe how thrilled I am. As Jerry would say “Train hard and race easy”. That’s how I felt today!
Coach Jerry Macari – My 2 best racing experiences were the Philly Half with the team finishing 1st! (PR 1:08:21) and the 5th ave mile (4:19, the first time I officially ran under 4:20 for a full mile) and they happened on back to back weekends! Thanks Jerry for your help this past year. Looking forward to bigger and better things next year!
Jason, Marathon Trainee
Thank you for great encouragement and coaching. It was a great day for running. I am totally sold now on the value of speed training. I can see the fruit of my labor so I will step it up a notch. I have been able to achieve 4 personal bests since the summer, namely:
1) 5K – from a 6:48 pace to 6:24; sub 20 minute 5K
2) Fifth Avenue Mile – from a 5:52 to a 5:22
3) 10 miler – from a 7:31 pace to 6:59
4) Chicago marathon – from a 3:54 to 3:31

Thank you Team Urban Athletics!

Coach Jerry Macari – I am particularly proud of having accomplished something I did not believe I could do. How? You believed I could do it. I just trusted you.
This is truly one of the greatest experiences of my life and the UA training program made it possible. I can’t thank my coaches and teammates enough.
Mary Brown, First place female, 2012 Reykjavik Marathon
Alan….your words and encouragement do make a big difference. See what a great teacher/coach you are!!
My experience with UA and Coach Jim Saint-Amour has been nothing short of amazing. I was 47 years old and had only been a “runner” for 2 months when I started training with Jim and UA. In a mere 10 weeks, I knocked close to 4 minutes off my 5k finishing time (25:44@8:17 to 21:56@7:04) and shaved 45 seconds off my best mile (finishing the Fifth Avenue Mile in under 6:00). But, even more important than better race results and faster race paces is my level of fitness. I’m looking forward to marathon training with Jim so I can finally take the NYC Marathon off my bucket list!
The UA Team- I Wouldn’t be where I am as a runner today without you guys at UA, so thank you for all of your help!
I came to UA in May to prepare for my first marathon (Chicago). My goal was to run it in under 5 hours, and my time was 4:31:42. Better than the time was how prepared I felt and how much I enjoyed the entire race. Thanks for everything!
Katie, Marathon Trainee
Coach Jim Saint Amour is an amazing coach. In just 10 training sessions with him I wasable to cut 20 minutes off my marathon time. But more importantly, Jim turned me from a casual runner, into a Runner with a capital “R.”
Coach Tony Ruiz – I am very pleased with my time and I wanted to thank you for all of your help, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your expertise.
Thank you for the crew at Urban Athletics for helping me get back into running. With their fantastic coaching, I have set a number of PR’s and just completed a marathon after being out of marathon running for 14 years with my second best time.
Margaret, Speed and Form Trainee
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you. Thanks to your incredible training and support, I ran a 3:47 yesterday!! A PR!! My best marathon was 3:56 in New Jersey (flat and fast). I’d heard of so many people who got faster training with Urban and I always told myself that I would probably get in better shape and have more people to run with, but never ever assumed that I would be one of those people who got faster, but I have. Not only did I PR in NYC, but my fastest mile went from a 7:23 to a 6:25. I cannot say enough great things about all of you and the Urban Athletics Program.. you are amazing and I know that there is no way I would have done so well yesterday without you. THANK YOU!

Jerry, I finished the marathon in 3:40 which is my PR. I’m so glad.Thank you so much!

Mie, Marathon Trainee
Thank you so much for the workouts and guidance. I can 3:38:05 on Sunday for my first Boston qualifier. Its my personal best by 20 minutes and a course PR by 40 minutes! I could not have done that without Urban. Many, many thanks!
Amy, Marathon Trainee
I decided to sign up for the Urban Athletics marathon program after that because I was desperate to improve my time and do so without any pain. With the help of the entire coaching team, but especially Danny, I was able to improve my marathon time considerably. Danny has an infectious upbeat coaching style that meshed well with my personality. In addition, he showed me a series of stretches to prevent my IT band problems which I preformed religiously on an almost daily basis. On November 1st, I crossed the NYC marathon with a finish time of 4:23:54. Not only did I shave an hour off my time; I did it without any ITB pain.
I am very happy about my choice of UA for my NYC Marathon training. Within 10 weeks of the training, I was able to shave a minute off my fastest mile.This has been possible because of Coach Jim & Coach Peter. Thank you!
Manoj Pillai
Whether your goal is to run a PR or improve across all distances, the UA training program will get you there in style. I’ve been working with Coach Jerry Macari for over two years and with his dedication and expert training, I’m running faster and injury free. Jerry pays attention to each runner’s strengths and weaknesses both in running form and racing strategy and consistently produces great results. Workouts are always effective and fun. Thanks to Jerry and the other coaches, I’ve developed confidence, increased my mileage, and successfully competed across many distances. I can’t recommend the training programs highly enough!
Janet Whittaker
The Run Urban marathon training program evolves with me as a beginner runner. My coach Janis tailors every workout to my progress and pushes me past my comfort level. It started before all the other programs and lasts longer. The program feels like private sessions priced like a class. I started in May, now its almost September and i feel like a runner! I couldn’t run five minutes when i started and today I ran for 40 minutes and this past weekend I ran 8miles with a few walking breaks. This weekend i am aiming for 14 miles. I am excited but if Janis says I can do it, i believe her.
Odella Woodson
I couldn’t be happier about my choice of UA and Jerry for my NYC Marathon training and coaching. I’ve improved my marathon time by more than 6 minutes to 3:00, and can’t wait to get started on my next P.R. in 2010 with Jerry’s support.
My coach takes me seriously as a runner, pushing me to run as fast as I can while listening to my concerns, aches, pains, and also to the cold, hard numbers. His plan for me is individual, the same philosophy he uses for other runners, but tailored for my experience and my bodyís response to the program. The progress that I have made and the feeling that I take away has been worth every minute and every penny that I have spent on this program.
If you want to have fun and improve your running, run with Urban! The marathon training program is the perfect combination of an individualized plan and group running sessions that helped me finsh under my goal time.
Emily, 2:57 marathoner, 2009 NYC
My thanks to Jerry and Cara for creating Run Urban, a true haven for runners of all abilities.
At RU, you will receive coaching and support from world class athletes. My running has improved dramatically. You will be surprised at what you will accomplish.
The store Urban Athletics is an amazing place with amazing people. It is a place where you can get the latest in running shoes and accessories. It is a place to be competitive, but it also a place of compassion and camaraderie.
Join the group, and as Jerry would say: “Have fun!”
I’ve worked with coach Jim for the past three years and as a result have earned PRs in distances ranging from 200m to the marathon. I had been stuck with a marathon PR of 3:56 from 10 years ago and working with Jim has brought it down to 3:26, which qualified me for Boston. My one mile PR has also improved from 6:08 to 5:43.
Jim’s coaching has helped me to clarify my goals, provided me with the advice necessary to achieve my objectives and his relaxed personality kept me motivated and focused. Jim also helped me understand the process of sports conditioning by reviewing with me the rationale for the different types of workouts that a runner practices and our discussions on sports psychology have shown me the mental edge a runner can achieve with a well-trained mind.
Thanks Jim and UA!