This program is provided twice a week and focuses on key factors such as VO2Max and running form. By completing interval workouts, repetition workouts, and tempo runs, you will sharpen your skills and become a faster runner, as well as improve your fitness and overall health. Speed and Form training is appropriate for runners who can run one mile without stopping through advanced level competitive runners. Our Coaches divide groups based on ability and classes are designed to be realistically and appropriately challenging for each group.

+ Get motivated by experienced, certified coaches
+ Improve your endurance, speed, and running mechanics
+ Improve your performance by using specific VO2 max, tempo, and repetition workouts
+ Get in shape, build muscle tone, and lose weight
+ Great training for races of any distance from 5k to marathon
+ Sessions kick off on January 2nd and run through November 29th.


Can’t decide on One session or two?

Get faster and stronger!

$5 more per week!

Workouts that are scientifically proven to increase your speed and endurance.

Can’t decide if you should commit to One session or two? The cost for two weekly workouts versus one is only $5 more per week!

Want to get faster, stronger and have more endurance? It takes consistent participation. Many of our athletes know that they get exponentially faster results when they work out with Run Urban twice per week. The program is designed so that you’ll get a variety of workouts that are scientifically proven to increase your speed and endurance.


+ One session per week: $235
+ Two sessions per week: $295

2018 – Twelve Week Sessions:
January 2 – March 22
March 27 – June 14
June 19- September 6
September 11- November 29
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1291 Madison Ave

• Tuesdays and Thursdays: 9-10AM or 7 - 8PM
• Meet at UA1291 Madison Avenue at 92nd Street
• Train in Central Park
• Choose one or both Weekly Sessions

Downtown/Battery Park City

• Mondays and Wednesdays: 7 - 8PM or 6:30 - 7:30AM
• Train on the Hudson River Greenway
• Choose one, or both weekly sessions