Many UrbanAthletics runners have found success in the marathon. This is due in part to their use of interval training at UA’s Speed and Form sessions. Here, some of these runners share their success stories and what they like about these types of workouts:

Harriott Kelly

Talented UA runner Harriott Kelly has quickly risen in the ranks of top female racers in the New York City region. She has accomplished this through a combination of hard work and discipline. Here’s what she says about interval training:

“I like the 5-6 X 1000 work out the best.  They are long enough to feel like you accomplished something but short enough to give it your all.  I have enjoyed seeing it pay off over time by my speed improving in the repeats and remaining consistent throughout the entire set.

This workout has definitely improved my speed in racing and given me the confidence to hold my pace in a longer race.”

Mark Caine

There is a large variety of interval workouts that a runner can take advantage of to boost their fitness. In addition to  helping a runner stay fresh, this assortment can help keeping running fun! Intervals that incorporate hill climbs do just that. In the last few years, long-time UA runner Mark Caine has smashed personal records in distances from the 5k to the marathon. He shared his feelings on interval training:

“My favorite VO2 Max workout is either the 800m or 1 mile North Hills interval. I get burned-out running 200 meter – 1000 meter intervals all the time and the uphills are a nice and different change of pace. (No pun intended!)

With the 1 mile North Hill interval, I get a “breather” as I go down hill across the transverse, which prepares me for one more uphill challenge to the finish line. I have to psych myself up to do this second up-hill, so it’s like doing two workouts in one– and this makes me mentally tougher. This toughness certainly helps me at mile 22 on marathon day. Uphill speed work is known to build more muscle step-for-step than regular intervals, so I get the psychological satisfaction of knowing I increased not just my speed but my power, as well.”

 I hope you have enjoyed learning more about interval training and how it can help you increase your fitness! The coaching staff at UrbanAthletics offers both personalized and group coaching to take your running to the next level. We can incorporate interval training into your regular regime. Join us today and see your fitness quickly improve!